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The Social/Games Group meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month in the Coffee Shop. Sessions run from 2pm - 4pm. If you enjoy card games or board games, and are looking for friendship and fun, come and join us!

We have now been meeting for 7 years and have around 14 people at each session. Most of us challenge our brain cells with Scrabble or Quirkle, but other games such as Rummikub, dominoes or card games are available.

Currently the age range spans 60 years and people of all ages are welcome.

We provide tea and biscuits and although there is no fixed charge, donations towards church funds are always welcome.

In 2018, the dates of our sessions are:

Thursday 18th January

Thursday 15th February

Thursday 15th March

Thursday 19th April

Thursday 17th May

Thursday 21st June

Thursday 19th July

Thursday 16th August

Thursday 20th September

Thursday 18th October

Thursday 15th November

Thursday 20th December

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